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What is guiding?

NGS tour guides lead groups by their personality and knowledge. We bring our guests a deeper understanding and enjoyment of special places in and around Bergen.

One day we are guiding a Hanseatic walking tour through Bryggen, and the next, we are exploring Hardangerfjord with a coach group.

Guides are...

Storytellers - we constantly accumulate knowledge and distill it into great stories that bring meaning to the present experience. A Guide is someone you'll remember!

Leaders - we are prepared, and inspire confidence and competence in our guests - so that they can feel safe, relaxed and enjoy the experience. A Guide is someone you can trust.

Team-players - we understand that our group of guests is part of a bigger picture, and that in order to achieve anything, we need to cooperate with others. A Guide is someone you enjoy working with.

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Why is guiding for you?


Because guiding connects your passion of storytelling and exploration with our eager and excited guests.

And, with Norwegian Guide Service, you have access to a large and varied pool of tours in the private, cruise and commerical markets.

What can I expect?

There are many benefits to guiding for those who are flexible and curious!
Please remember that guiding is freelance, and is not a permanent, full-time position. Nor can it offer predictable monthly income.

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Hear from future colleagues

"I am still guiding with NGS after 20 years - even in my retirement. It is so rewarding to hear my guests' feedback at the end of our time together."


Frode - Norwegian, English, German since 1991


"I love the flexibility of guiding alongside my other freelance work. I get to use my languages and knowledge to engage with people from all walks of life."

Rita - Portuguese, Spanish, English, Norwegian since 2017

"I guided while taking my Masters as a way to earn money while studying. It quickly became a genuine passion for me. The knowledge I acquired helped me to get a better understanding of the country and the culture, and is always useful when making new connections."


Bernhard - German, English since 2018


"Over the years with NGS, I have guided so many happy guests all over Bergen - in between my family commitments and physiotherapy work. Guiding is something enjoyable I return to when it suits me."

Doro - German, English, Dutch since 2018


"In the morning I can be guiding in sunny Hardanger, and in the afternoon I am back at work. Accepting guide assignments with NGS allows me to maximise my earning potential around studies and other work."

Adela - German, English since 2012

"I come back every year to Bergen to guide. NGS is always there to welcome and support me, and I have such fun!"

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Marie - English, German since 2016

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"We are always thrilled to see people start their guiding journey with us in Bergen!" - Amanda, HR manager