Secrets of Bergen - a mini eBus tour

Join us on a tour that shows you the real and authentic Bergen. The tour combines short walks with travel on a mini electric bus.  

Skip the travel book bucket-list and get a behind-the-scenes understanding of what makes Bergen a truly wonderful city to live in. Explore Bergen’s dramatic architectural evolution through the ages, and learn about how the many fires in Bergen’s history shaped the city’s landscape. See the real Bergen away from the usual tourist attractions, and end your tour with a bird’s eye view of what was once the largest city in Northern Europe! This 2 hour guided tour combines short walks with short rides in a mini electric bus. 

The tour starts at the Tourist Information. The first stop is the colorful wooden waterfront of the famous Bryggen, where you will hear about how the city has been founded on commerce. Afterwards we will continue to Gågaten where you can see the special relationship Bergen has had with fires throughout history, in the facades of the buildings. We will wander through the alleyways to understand more about how the different classes in society used to live, before we hop back onto the minibus. Next we stop to see the remains of the old waterfront on Strandsiden and learn about the tragic reason why most of it is no longer there. We will continue towards the Bergen Aquarium and learn about the dark histories hiding in plain sight in one of the city’s most beloved recreational areas. From there we make our way through the industrial harbor to the neighborhood of Møhlenpris, once an active industrial site, now a trendy area with lots of innovative businesses, cafés and even a small beach. Before we end the tour we will be driving uphill through the alleyways on the mountainside of Fløyen, through the neighborhood of Sandviken, up to the old fire station at Skansen to enjoy a spectacular birds eye view of Bergen. 

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