The charm of Nordnes

Join us for a walk through one of Bergen’s most charming neighborhoods.  

Bergen has many charming neighborhoods close to the city centre. Neighborhoods with narrow paved streets, old houses and a special kind of charm you will never forget. On this guided walk you will experience the village-like atmosphere and all of the sights of the picturesque peninsula Nordnes.  

Together we will explore the secluded, narrow alleyways. You will hear about the rich history of the area and the fascinating stories of the people who inhabited them. You will learn why there are large contrasts in the types of buildings and architecture throughout the Nordnes area, and how rich merchants and shipping magnates have shaped this part of the city. Along the way you will have plenty of opportunities to take photos of the old wooden houses, the beautiful alleyways and even a totem pole. (You didn’t see that one coming, did you?) 

The locals in Bergen are famous in Norway for being very patriotic about their city. But also within the city, some neighborhoods are taking it a step further. The locals living in Nordnes are calling the area “Republikken Nordnes” (the republic of Nordnes), and have even started producing their own products such as the Nordnes Cola. On this tour you will get a feeling of how the locals in this very small “republic” live nowadays, and enjoy some of the refreshing local products (included in the price) on a stop in the very  heart of Nordnes at Klosteret. 

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