Join our Dispatch team on the pier

One of the most rewarding jobs in Norway! Work in Bergen with real people and enjoy real experiences.

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Hei! My name is Grecia and I will be helping you through your application

What is Dispatch?

Dispatch operations revolve around cruise ships.

Around 600,000 tourists visit Bergen by cruise ship each year, and many of them choose to go on guided tours and excursions. Each cruise ship can have up to 50 tour groups throughout the day.

Dispatch implements and coordinates the day's schedule, ensuring that it runs smoothly and safely. The main aim of our work is to facilitate excellent service to the visiting guests.

We are very proud of our working environment, in which you will develop professionally, build human connections, and learn more about Bergen's history and its surroundings.

The main tasks include greeting guides, distributing itineraries, receiving and parking tour buses, managing parking positions, counting tickets, tracking arrival & departure times, reporting incidents and irregularities.

It is also up to the dispatch team to create and communicate solutions when delays and issues occur.

We provide you with the training you need to be a professional presence on the pier, and to make the right decisions in different situations.

Our Dispatch Team works on the majority of cruise ship visits to Bergen, with over 220 calls in 2023.

Who can dispatch?

A good dispatcher is:

Dispatch operations occur mostly outside, so dispatchers must be able to work on their feet in all weather conditions. Norwegian language is not a requirement, but is an advantage.

The cruise season is at its busiest between May and September, which makes this a great opportunity to work a lot during the summer. We value applicants who have availability during these busy months.

This job has proven to be ideal for those with interests in areas such as communications, logistics, people relations, tourism, and leadership.

In return, we offer:

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Hear from our Dispatch team about their experiences

"Working as a Dispatcher is sometimes exhausting, often challenging but always rewarding. It's a great position to improve your coordination-problem solving-multitasking skills. I loved to be part of the team where everybody was just aiming at doing the best job possible."


Lisa - joined in 2023

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"[Dispatching is] a position that has helped me to develop skills like anticipation, learning to identify and prioritise tasks, and patience. At the pier, the team works together and support each other to ensure the satisfaction of the guests, which is the most rewarding part of the job."

Lénaïc - joined in 2018

"Dispatch is a gratifying job. Be consistent. Act professional. If you do, then you have gotten most of the job covered!"


Sergio - joined in 2023

How to apply

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We've tried to make it as easy and relaxed as possible to apply to become a Dispatcher with us

Step 1. Tell us about yourself.
Start with a one-way video interview 👋

Through our online platform, you'll answer a few questions with video responses of a few minutes.

We realise it's a little impersonal, but we feel it's the best way for you to showcase your skills in a low-pressure environment, in your own time.

After we have reviewed your video interview, we'll invite promising applicants to a traditional, two-way interview.

You'll need:

Step 2. Let's talk!
Join us for a personal interview 🤝

This is the fun part, where you can meet us and we can meet you! Online, we will discuss the job and answer any questions you may have.

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