Plant a tree - a net positive experience

Join us for a guided tour to learn about how Bergen is dealing with climate change and becoming greener in every way. At the end of the tour you will make your own positive contribution by planting a tree.  

This guided tour is both educational and interesting. During a walk through the cobbled streets in the city area called Fjellsiden, up towards Mount Fløyen, you will learn how Bergen is contributing to a greener future for us all. You will also hear the fascinating story of how the mountains surrounding Bergen were once barren and then became filled with rich vegetation, and how climate change is impacting the city. 

At the end of the tour all participants can make a positive contribution by finding a suitable spot to plant a tree (with your guide’s advice). A 2019 study from the Swiss Institute of Integrative Biology suggested that planting 1 trillion trees would dramatically reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere and significantly help stop global climate change. You get to name the tree you plant and register it in a global network of planted trees. Your tree will also get a sibling on the other side of the Equator helping vulnerable areas and communities to fight against climate change and have a better life. Whenever you are around Bergen, you will be able to see how the tree you planted has grown.  

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