Step 1 – Let us know! - subscribe to our mailing list

Let us know that you are interested by subscribing to our mailing list so that we can more easily inform you when we open up the application process and will be able to give you further details about the guide position. Why not do so right now?

Step 2 – Show us who you are – apply for the position

Once we open the recruitment process we will send you a detailed job description and an application form that you can then follow and fill in to show us that you are a good fit in NGS and that we might be a good match for one another. 

Step 3 – Let’s get to know each other better - join us for an interview

If your application convinces us that you are a good fit for the NGS team in 2018 we will contact you to schedule an interview in January-February so that we can more decide together if working together would be a good match.

Step 4 – Okay, let’s do this! - agreement and invitation to guide training

If after the interviews both you and we are confident that we’d love to work together we will offer you a written agreement and an invitation to join the Guide Training. This consists of an online distance learning platform, an on-site guide course as well as the examination to get you certified and ready to work. This will help you get familiarised with the locations and venues, help you build the needed skills and learn the processes and routines to being a guide.

Once you accept the invitation we can really get started. During the on-site training and your work for NGS you will be required to wear the NGS jacket. You will be given one from us and will be required to pay a deposit for it of NOK 700. The deposit will be refunded to you at the end of the season. 

All other costs involved with your guide course and on-site training will be covered for you by Norwegian Guide Service. Please note that this only refers to the educational costs. Undertaking this education equips you with the knowledge and skills required to work as a guide providing a high standard of service for cruise ship passengers. NGS sponsors the guide course but you will have to provide for all other living costs yourself. Learn more in our F.A.Q. section. 

Step 5 - Learn, practice, grow and get acknowledged - training and certification

Once you join the online learning platform, you can work through the modules that are meant to give you a basic background of the role of a guide in the service industry, but also basic knowledge of the history and geography of Norway. You will develop an overview of modern Norwegian society and culture, a history and overview of Bergen as a city as well as detailed knowledge of the main attractions in Bergen.

Your training will also consist of practical training which will focus on developing your leadership and communication skills as well as practicing guiding in Bergen on foot and by bus all meant to give you the confidence to tackle most day-to-day challenges. Upon successfully completing the training and passing the exam  you will receive a guide certificate that certifies your skills and guarantees you a work agreement with NGS for the 2018 season. The training consists of:

  • On-line course: starting mid february - you can flexibly organise your learning schedule the way it fits you best
  • On-site course where you can choose the one that works best for you:
  1. option A)  aimed mostly at local applicants - 23/02/2018 to 18/03/2018
  2. option B) aimed at international applicants  - 7/04/2018 to 30/04/2018 

Additional trainings will be available throughout the season that open up the possibility to take guiding assignments in other ports of call as well such as Flåm, Ulvik, Eidfjord etc.  The same certificate also gives you the possibility to work with NGS for many seasons to come and it also facilitates the training with sister companies in Norway should you choose to become a certified guide for other regions as well. 

Step 6 – Let’s go! - work agreement and guiding in Bergen

Once you’ve completed your training and exam your adventure as a guide can really take off. We first welcome you to the family! As a tour guide you will work on an assignment basis, much like a freelancer, just that you don't have to look for work yourself. Instead NGS will be providing you with assignments throughout the season as we get requests from our clients. With your knowledge and skills, your NGS jacket, smart uniform and access to your online booking system, you are ready to start working as a guide. Remember: you have just begun your story - there is still lots to learn.

Learning by doing is the best way to learn, so you will start taking on your own assignments as soon as possible. But you will also have the chance to join more experienced guides on tour and learn the best tips and tricks to the craft of guiding. In addition to extra trainings there will also be evenings with other guides where we have the chance to meet and share experience and help one another to better tackle the day to day challenges of being a guide, as well as to better take advantage of the opportunities that lie at every step.

Step 7 – Once a guide, always a guide! - certificate and career

Many of our guides love guiding and choose to return to work with NGS season after season. Other guides take on new challenges towards a career in the service industry within our network of companies or find permanent positions within other sectors of the job market. To help you on that path you will have the certificate, a recommendation letter and our support. But one thing is for sure: the stories you gather each season with NGS, will always stay with you wherever you go.  Once a guide, always a guide! 

Is everything clear? Do you still have questions? If so, make sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Well if we held your interest so far, then why not follow this link to sign up for our mailing list and be amongst the first to know when we open up the application process.

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