We are now looking for applicants for the 2018 tourist season in Bergen!

This season we will be supplying guides to the cruise ships handled by our client European Cruise Service, the leading operator in Norway. Bergen is the most popular port of call in Norway with over 300 calls of which NGS provided guides for over 240 of them in 2017. 

Hundreds of thousands of cruise passengers visit "the gateway to the fjords" each year with the vast majority of them being English and German speaking guests. You can read more about cruise statistics here.


As a tour guide you will be in charge of groups of guests and their experience of Bergen and the surrounding fjords. Usually, you will take them on very specific routes designed to give them the opportunity to see different faces of Bergen. What makes you confident in your work is that:

  • you have excellent language skills (English plus one or more of the following: German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian – other languages are also an advantage)

  • you are service minded and flexible

  • you are always looking for opportunities to learn and develop yourself

  • you have good communication and social skills

  • you have a genuine curiosity and interest for Norwegian nature, culture and history

  • more information on requirements in the Becoming a guide step by step and FAQ sections 



Bergen, also called the gateway to the fjords, is a beautiful city on the west coast of Norway. Most of the guide assignments start and end in the vibrant city center. So living in the city center you will have not only have your work but also cafes, concerts, festivals, and most other commercial activities within walking distance. And if you get tired of city life and long for nature just walk for 30 minutes or so and will be up on one of the mountains surrounding the city center.


Why should you apply?

  •  an exciting and enriching work experience

  • free education and certification

  • flexibility

  • career-opportunities within a developing network of companies



That's great! Follow this link, type in your name and e-mail address and we will contact you with further information on how to apply.

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