Guiding is all about the stories!

"I have to say, when I get that sincere smile and that hand shake full of gratitude because I have made their day and their experience memorable, I get a wonderful feeling. It's really rewarding." Bogdan Ududec - guiding since 2013

That is only one of the many reasons we enjoy working as guides so much. To become a guide with Norwegian Guide Service is much more than a summer job. It is an opportunity to:

  • wake up to an exciting job with different challenges every day
  • get to know Bergen and the surroundings on a deeper level than most other people
  • make the experience that visitors to Bergen get, truly memorable
  • fascinate them with the places you show them and the stories you tell them
  • continuously challenge and improve yourself, growing personally and professionally every day
  • acquire valuable new skills to help you communicate with and lead groups of people
  • work together with like-minded people that are passionate about their work
  • get career-opportunities within a wide and growing network of companies

Each day working as a guide is a unique experience. New guests, changing weather, interesting questions, varied routes, lots of challenges and opportunities. But always the same charming city, the same beautiful nature, same friendly colleagues you know you can trust to be there for you.

NGS guides are curious, positive and service-minded. We are self-confident, witty and charming, but also humble and caring. We are interested in cultures and each of us speaks multiple languages. We like to relax and enjoy the moment, but we are also always ready to tackle difficult situations. We love to share our  knowledge and stories to fascinate and enchant others, at the same time being also very good listeners. 

Does this start to sound like you? Well if you are curious about almost everything, hungry for new experiences, happy to share what you know; if you care about people and you want to make positive impact in the life of others as well as your own, then joining Norwegian Guide Service in 2018 is might just be the right choice for you.

 Guiding is all about the stories! Are your ready to begin yours?





“…All in all, I am terribly sad it (the tourist season) is ending and I can't wait for the next season to start. With a few exceptions, I love my guests and have so much fun with them. Can’t wait to be surrounded by interested, fun loving people, who are curious about the world and the place they are visiting, wide-eyed and smiley, and to give them fun stories to take back to their countries and an experience to remember. Best job ever!” Rita Figueiredo, guiding since 2017 

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